The HAL Extraction Booth was invented by a Certified Industrial Hygienist and designed by electrical, industrial, and mechanical engineers to provide cutting-edge technology for the plant oil extraction industry

Our Extraction Rooms, have been carefully reviewed by independent, third party professional engineers, PSI, licensed in over 15 states. We have a Professional Engineering Peer Review on all 13 models of our Class I Division 1 Extraction Booths.


Explosion-proof infrared gas detectors are included with each booth. The IR sensors have broad-range capabilities to detect gases from zero to 100 percent of the lower explosive limit or occupational exposure limit (depending on applicability).


The Control Panel is the brain of the HAL Extraction Booth System. It provides active solvent monitoring with adaptive ventilation and has a reactive alarm system. The control panel is listed under UL 508A for Industrial Control Panels.


The HAL Extraction Booth ventilation system incorporates both a make-up air and an exhaust fan. The ventilation system uses a variable speed fan to provide a base air flow rate and a purge airflow rate. The booth operates at the base airflow rate until concentrations of flammable or hazardous gases reach 10% of the LEL. Fans speed to quickly return to safe working conditions


The light alarm is triggered at 10% of the LEL (along with the purge air flow rate). The sound alarm is triggered at 25% of the LEL.


Each extraction booth is equipped with interior access, overhead, sealed 2-tube LED explosion-proof light fixtures interlocked with the ventilation system, and an explosion proof emergency light that only illuminates in the event of a power outage.