• Dimensions: 10’0”W x 20’3”L x 8’.5”H
  • 180 interior square feet
  • 4 explosion-proof, C1-, D1-rated, 2-tube LED light fixtures
  • Make-up air exhaust system
  • Cross capture ventilation
  • Spark-proof exhaust and supply fans
  • Fire-rated door and exit hardware
  • 36” wide personnel door sealed by a rubber compression gasket
  • Fire-rated panic bar for emergency exiting
  • Warning light and horn set to go off at 10% and 25% of LEL
  • Extra-long life, flammable gas infrared sensor
  • Standalone fire suppression systems available
  • Professional engineer peer reviewed design
  • Fully compliant with OSHA, NFPA, NEC regulations
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