Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

We'd love to answer any questions you have about C1D1 compliance, extraction facility approval or how a HAL Extraction Booth will fit into your facility.


What is included in the retail price?

The following items are included in the cost of each HAL Extraction Booth: ALL components listed below are UL Listed.

  • CI/D1 Exhaust and Supply fan packages, including motors.
  • CI/D1 Interior Lights
  • Explosion-proof infrared gas detection sensor
  • Fire rated door with exit hardware (panic bar, automatic closure),
  • Exterior Sound and Light Alarms,
  • Applicable hazardous location electrical fittings to exit the classified space
  • Utility penetration plate with fire rated hole seals,Custom Engineered Control Panel that provides power to all individual components
  • NFPA Diamond and No Smoking Sign.

We also provide tech support and all necessary documentation for the approval process at no additional charge!

What does not come with the HAL Extraction Booth?

Not included in the retail price of the HAL Extraction Booth are:

  • Fire suppression (a standalone system can be purchased for an additional charge.)
  • Installation of the Booth (HAL Extraction does not offer installation)
  • HVAC ducting (The Booth must be ducted to the exterior)
  • Installation of the electrical systems (A licensed electrician is required to connect the Booth to the building’s power supply.)
  • Coordinating booth assembly, ducting, and electrical installation are the sole responsibility the customer.
What is the HAL Extraction Booth made of?

The Booth is made of custom engineered 18-gauge powder coated steel. All Booth components are UL listed included the control panel, and the Booth itself carries a UL Certification.

Can I get a custom Extraction Booth?

HAL Extraction can usually accommodate custom engineering requests. Custom engineering is available at an additional cost and may effect lead time. Any custom engineering charges are required to be paid up front, and are not refundable.

Can I put the your products outside?

No, The HAL Extraction Booth is not designed to be used outdoors. We have partnered with another company, Agronomic Pods, who have retrofitted shipping containers with our technology for an outdoor solution.

Does your Booth come in another color?

You can have it in any color you want, as long as it’s white!

Does the Booth come with a warranty?

HAL Extraction warrants that at time of delivery each Booth will comply with applicable drawings and will be free from defects in workmanship and material.  These warranties shall run to the Buyer, its successors, and assigns.  This warranty is valid for twelve (12) months after Seller’s shipment of the Product. The warranty period for Seller’s repair or replacement of the failed product only, covered by the warranty, shall be the unexpired portion of the original warranty or 6 months after shipment of the repaired or replaced product, whichever is longer.

What is your refund policy?

Cancellations made within 30 days of order and prior to shipment are subject to a 20% restocking fee, and customer will be eligible for a refund of 80% of deposit. Cancellations made by Buyer prior to shipment due to denial of approval from Buyer’s Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) are eligible for a 100% refund of all funds paid.  Written documentation from the AHJ and project engineer or architect indicating denial of approval must be provided for this refund.  No refunds will be made after shipment. Eligible refunds will be paid to Buyer within 90 days of cancellation. Custom Booth orders are not eligible for refund under any circumstance.

Is the HAL Extraction Booth temperature controlled?

No. The HAL Extraction Booth comes standard with a make-up air system. Make-up air can be supplied from a conditioned room in which the Booth is installed or from the outdoors. A temperature control system can be incorporated to the duct work of the Booth, we recommend coordinating with your HVAC engineer.


Can I run utilities, such as compressed air, electrical or a water lines, into the Booth?

Our Extraction Booths come with a Utility Penetration Plate, which contains 16 pre-punched penetrations. You will be able to run the necessary heating and cooling lines through these penetrations. The different dimensions are :  (2x) 3/4”, (4x) 1 1/8”, (8x) 1 3/8″, (2x) 1 3/4”. We also provide fire-rated hole seals for these penetrations when they are not being used.  Any electrical components installed in the Booth must be rated for a Class I / Division 1 space.


Are the lights interlocked with the ventilation?

Yes, per NFPA;

“All electrical components within the extraction room shall be interlocked with the hazardous exhaust system such that room lighting and other extraction room electrical equipment will only operate when the exhaust system is in operation.”

In accordance with this regulation the lights inside of the HAL Extraction Booth can only be turned in conjunction with the ventilation.

Does the Extraction Booth have a make-up air system?

Yes, HAL Extraction provides both a make-up air (supply) fan and a ventilation (exhaust) fan with each of our Booths.

Can I bring make up air from outside?

Yes. Make-up air can be supplied from the outside environment or from your building. Per NFPA 33 (2018) 7.5 “air exhausted from [areas] shall not be recirculated”. When bringing in air from the outside make sure you are not recycling the exhaust air

Where should the exhaust ducting be vented from / to in the HAL Extraction Booth.

Per NFPA 33 (2018) 7.4;

Air exhausted from [operations] shall be conducted by ducts directly to the outside of the building. Exhaust ducts shall follow the shortest route to the point of discharge.

The HAL Extraction Booth requires 12″ or 18″ ducting to comply with this regulation and successfully duct your unit to the outdoors.

Do air flow rates change automatically?

Yes. The HAL Extraction Booth has a sensor that communicates with the exhaust system’s controller to change the air flow rate accordingly. The Booth operates at the Base Air Flow Rate until atmospheric concentrations reach 10% or more of the Lower Explosive Limit (LEL) for your solvent.

Can I manually increase the air flow rate?

Yes. If your particular jurisdiction requires emergency evacuation controls, HAL Extraction can provide these components and programming at an additional cost.

What are the Air Changed per Hour (ACH)?

The Air Changes per Hour vary across out 13 different Extraction Booths.

The Model 85U (our smallest Extraction Booth) provides a minimum 43 Air Changes per Hour at the Base Air Flow Rate, and provides a minimum of 129 ACH at the Purge Air Flow Rate.

The Model 215U provides a minimum 17 ACH at the Base Air Flow Rate, and provides a minimum of 51 ACH at the Purge Air Flow Rate.

***The Critical Flow Series Booths provide double the ACH of the same sized Classic Series Booths***

What are the electrical requirements?

The HAL Extraction Booth (and all of its components) requires a 208VAC single-phase circuit for the Booth’s electrical systems. All other extraction equipment should draw power from a separate circuit.

Can I run the Booth off of 3-phase power?

No. The Booth is designed to run off a single-phase 208VAC circuit. In the event that your space only has 3-phase power available, a step-down transformer will need to be installed by a licensed electrician.

Do I need a stand-alone fire suppression system?

The HAL Extraction Booth does not come standard with an automatic fire suppression system. However, Per NFPA 1 (2018) an automatic fire suppression system is required inside of the Booth. “An automatic suppression system shall be provided within hoods, or enclosures, including duct work”

We offer as an additional package a standalone automatic fire suppression system. Included in the price for this package is the materials for the powder based system as well as coordination of installation and assembly.

As an alternative, and often cost effective approach, to purchasing a standalone fire suppression system the HAL Extraction Booth can be tied into a building-wide sprinkler system, by integrating sprinkler heads inside of the Booth, exhaust plenum, and exhaust duct.



Can I get documentation to submit to the city?

Yes, HAL Extraction provides the necessary documentation for the Booth’s approval process. For every unit, we provide a full set of annotated drawings,

Is your Booth fire rated?

The Booth’s door assembly has a 90-minute fire rating, there is no fire rating on the walls. The HAL Extraction Booth complies with both NFPA 33 (2018) 5.3.2 and NFPA 1 (2018) Chapter 38 construction requirements for marijuana extraction facilities.

A fire rating is not required for the walls so long as you comply with NFPA 33 (2018) 5.5;

“Booths shall be separated from other operations by a minimum distance of 915 mm (3 ft) or by a partition, wall, or floor/ceiling assembly having a minimum fire resistance rating of 1 hour”


In which states is your Booth approved?

The HAL Extraction Booth is UL Certified, a national recognized safety listing. All of our models have also been reviewed by a third party professional engineer, Pressure Safety Inspectors (PSI) licensed in the following states: Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Hawaii, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Nevada, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, and Washington.

Do you provide tech support?

Yes. After we ship out the Booth we have a team of highly trained specialists to help with questions about the installation and operation of the HAL Extraction Booth. Additionally, we provide support helping our customers navigate the submittal and approval process.

Do you provide training or SOPs?

The purchase of a HAL Extraction Booth comes with a Safety and Operating Manual, complete with SOPs for the Booth’s operation.

Do you have a PE stamp?

Yes. The HAL Extraction Booth is PE Reviewed for LPG extraction and Class IB flammable liquid extraction by Pressure Safety Inspectors (PSI). We will provide a letter as requested from our independent licensed professional engineers with regards to the certification status of the HAL Extraction Booth. Any additional documentation required will be sent to your jurisdiction directly.


Can I keep my solvent in it for storage?

No, Storage of flammable liquids is prohibited within the designated HAL Extraction Booth.


Where do you ship these Booths?

We currently ship the HAL Extraction Booth to the contiguous United States of America, Canada, Puerto Rico, and Alaska.

Is shipping and handling included in the retail price of the Booth?

Shipping & Handling is not included in the retail price of the HAL Extraction Booth. Prices vary based on your location and order. Contact our sales team today for a shipping quote at 720-504-4726.

Does the Booth come pre-assembled?

The Booth does not come pre-assembled, and HAL Extraction does not provide installation, but we do provide a fantastic installation manual. 2-3 people can assemble the Booth in less than 2 days.

How is the Booth anchored to the floor?

The HAL Extraction Booth is anchored to the floor with (3) 3/8” zinc plated drop anchors per panel. Each anchor is rated at 460lbs Pullout strength, and 490lbs Shear strength. Values are 25% of ultimate value.

Can I mount the control panel somewhere else on the Booths or somewhere else in my space

The control panel can be mounted any anywhere on the exterior of the Booth as long as it is more than 3 feet from the door and/or the Utility Penetration Plate. It can also be mounted remotely. The control panel can not be mounted inside of the Booth.


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Happy legalization day, Canada!
Happy legalization day, Canada!
A beautiful fall day in Colorado! Sending this Booth to Massachusetts
A beautiful fall day in Colorado! Sending this Booth to Massachusetts
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Are you as excited about this CID2 fume hood as we are? #comingsoon #halextractionfumehood #c1d2 #safetyfirst
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Product development! Coming soon, stay tuned #HAL #c1d2