Made in the USA Booths and Hoods

Made in the USA Booths and Hoods

Over 95% of every HAL Extraction Booth and over 90% of every HAL Extraction Hood are Made in the United States of America. You might be asking yourself, what about the other 5-ish percent? In most cases, we could not find an appropriate substitute that was: made in America, met or exceeded the hazardous location rating, or met or exceeded the quality standards that we have for our components. The Honeywell gas detection sensor that we use is manufactured in the UK, most of the electrical conduit fittings that we use are manufactured in Mexico or India, and the majority of the nuts and bolts, along with the sound alarm, are manufactured in China. The remainder of the components are proudly Made in the USA:


Steel Panels (Colorado/Nebraska)

Control Panel (Colorado)

Light Alarm (Tennessee)

Lights (Wisconsin)

Emergency Light (Texas)

Doors & Frames (Iowa)

Door Hardware (California/Indiana)

Fans and Motors (Oklahoma)

Custom Hardware (Colorado)

Gaskets (Connecticut)

Fire-Rated Hole Seals (Florida)

Signage (Indiana/Colorado/Ohio)



We want our customers to feel that they have a quality product, and we stand behind that quality, which is why we are more than open about what our customers are buying and its Country of Origin. When we entered the market in 2016, we were able to sell the most cost-effective Class I, Division 1, Group D Extraction Booths/Labs/Rooms. We felt that we were able to sell a quality C1D1 extraction solution for a reasonable price. Granted, it’s hard to compare products that offer different features, especially when you might not need all of those features. An automatic stand-alone fire suppression system is not included in the price of our C1D1 Booth, because over 90% of our customers have a water-based sprinkler system in their building. They can tap into for a lot less than the cost of the stand-alone system. C1D1 Outlets are also not included, as many of our customers don’t need them. We will be more than happy to supply the fire suppression system and outlets if needed.


Currently, you may find C1D1 options that “start” at a lower price than the HAL Extraction Booth. That’s fantastic, especially for our customer. Competition breeds great products at great prices, but it also incentives manufacturers to cut costs by providing cheaper components manufactured overseas. We at HAL Extraction are proud to stand behind a product that is over 95% Made in America, and we know our customers are able to tell the difference in quality. The price of the 85U is $35K and comes with all of the documentation needed for approval by your Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) including: a comprehensive Installation and Assembly Manual, a Safety and Operating Manual, structural analysis, computational fluid dynamics analysis, a 3rd party Engineering Peer-Review, and as of 7/10/18, a UL Certification.


Every one of the 80+ HAL Extraction Booth that we have sold (as of 11/9/18) have been approved by the applicable city, county, township, and state regulators. Unfortunately, one of our customers was unable use their previously-approved HAL Extraction Booth because there was no way to vent the exhaust gas more than 30ft from the property line, after their city council implemented the regulation. The property location was less than 60ft wide 🙁 Fortunately, we were able to help them sell the gently-used booth to another customer in a different jurisdiction. That’s just another way HAL Extraction provides more than just a white box that’s Made in the USA.