C1D1 Extraction and Fire Rated Walls

C1D1 Extraction and Fire Rated Walls

You’d think that if you are working with large quantities of flammable solvents, you would absolutely be required to have fire-rated walls. As it turns out, that is not always the case. Per NFPA 33, if you have a separation from other operations of 3 feet around your booth, no fire-rating is needed. If you want to locate your booth closer to a wall, that wall must have a fire-rating of at least 1-hour.

The HAL Extraction Booth’s door assembly has a 90-minute fire rating, but there is no fire rating on the walls. The HAL Extraction Booth complies with both NFPA 33 (2018) 5.3.2 and NFPA 1 (2018) Chapter 38 construction requirements for cannabis extraction facilities. A fire rating is not required for the walls so long as you comply with NFPA 33 (2018) 5.5;

“Booths shall be separated from other operations by a minimum distance of 915 mm (3 ft) or by a partition, wall, or floor/ceiling assembly having a minimum fire resistance rating of 1 hour”

However, certain Authorities Having Jurisdiction may require a fire-rating; separating one booth from another, separating the booth from the rest of the operating facility, or separating the booth/manufacturing space from retail operations or other industrial operations. Many AHJs do not require a fire rated wall unless you are attempting to implement multiple control areas in your space to increase the Maximum Allowable Quantities (MAQs) of flammable solvent that you want to use in your manufacturing facility. (MAQs will be its own blog post in the coming weeks along with a White Paper on implementing multiple control areas in your facility by HAL Extraction’s Founder and Owner, Linn Havelick, CIH.)

As always, every AHJ is different and it is at their discretion to follow which ever codes and regulations they feel are most appropriate. After all, they’re job and responsibility is to keep people safe, and they decide what is required for a concentrate manufacturing facility to operate in their jurisdiction. If there is any doubt as to whether a HAL Extraction Booth or Hood will work for your jurisdiction, HAL Extraction would love to speak with your local AHJ.